We believe everyone is beautiful. Our job is to help reflect your inner beauty for the whole world to see

Our evaluation is honest and objetive, our before and after care is human and unique, and our results are among the most natural available. Dr. Di Maggio’s experience and aesthetic sense allow you to combine different cosmetic procedures and the remodeling of facial skeleton in a single surgical procedure.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Your face is unique and needs a unique approach. Your facial shape and profile could be modified or feminized with the combination of craniofacial & aesthetic surgical techniques.

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Facial Feature Remodeling Surgery (FFRS)

For decades everybody talked about Facial Feminization Surgery when one tried to change the facial features from male to female ones. Now it is time to introduce a new concept, with a more appropriate and global name.

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Body Surgery Procedures

Doctor Di Maggio employs a variety of surgical techniques to help his patients achieve lean, toned figures, including liposuction, tummy tuck, and body lift surgery, as well as breast and breast implants -no matter the gender.

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Dr. Marcelo Di Maggio & Team

Dr. Di Maggio is the most experienced specialist in Facial Features Remodeling Surgery & Facial Feminization Surgery in Latin America and one of the most important in the world.

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All the FFRS packages include

All medical and administrative fees

One night at hospital with interpreters

Pick-up to and from airport with assistant

24/7 Contact and Support

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Where we Work

FFS and FFRS in Buenos Aires

We work in Bs As and we do our surgeries in hospitals, clinics and medical centers with maximum medical complexity. You’ll feel comfortable and safe during your stay in hospital. Our quality & human before and after care is our constant concern.

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MDM Surgery Updates

The diploma arrived today!

The University of the State of New York and the Education Department have granted Dr. Marcelo Di Maggio the medical license to work in that state. Without a doubt this is a recognition of his experience, quality of results, prestige and care inside and outside the OR that Dr. Di Maggio has accumulated along his …

Hair implants along with other procedures

The Hair Implants can be done as a separate procedure or along other procedures like Facial Remodeling, Rhinoplasty and Lifting, as in the case of the patient in the pictures. To fill the hairline with Implants improves and enhances the facial transformation hence we usually recommend it to all our patients.

New York State Medical License…APPROVED!

Great news! The State Education Department at the University of the State of New York has granted MDM the medical license by endorsement, recognition of his career, experience and surgical quality. MDM will soon bring all his expertise to NY. Congratulations!!