Facial Feature Remodeling Surgery (FFRS)

For decades everybody talked about Facial Feminization Surgery when one tried to change the facial features from male to female ones. Now it is time to introduce a new concept, with a more appropriate and global name.

Eyebrow Lift

It is also known as a forehead lift and most of the aesthetic facial procedures include an eyebrow lift. When we perform the forehead lift with a FFS or FFRS, and change the shape and projection of the orbital rim & frontal bone we also need to reposition the eyebrows and design high and curved new eyebrows.


MDM could perform the forehead lift like an isolated procedure and to do this, we use a small incision, through the hair with a frontal & temporal dissection on both sides. Many times we do the eyebrow lift along with a FFS, FFRS or a Face & Neck Lift, and in these cases we combine all the different approaches. We prefer to use general anesthesia but if it’s done as a sole procedure we use local anesthesia+sedation. The time the procedure takes is 90 to 120 min. The stay in hospital is between 8 and 24 hs. The recovery time is 2 weeks and the final result is visible 6 months after surgery.

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