Facial Feature Remodeling Surgery (FFRS)

For decades everybody talked about Facial Feminization Surgery when one tried to change the facial features from male to female ones. Now it is time to introduce a new concept, with a more appropriate and global name.

Eyes Expression Surgery

Some patients don’t need to undergo a full Facial Features Remodeling Surgery to obtain a satisfactory degree of transformation. In some cases, a surgery that includes just forehead, orbital rim and nose can be enough for them. The relative importance of the forehead in the perception of the facial beauty is much higher than the relative importance of the lower face.


It is amazing how the look of the eyes can be changed by remodeling the orbital rim bone. Remodeling surgery of the forehead and orbital rim gives the patient’s eyes the look of the female eyes. This look is the most famous  trademark of Dr. Di Maggio and his team.

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