Facial Feature Remodeling Surgery (FFRS)

For decades everybody talked about Facial Feminization Surgery when one tried to change the facial features from male to female ones. Now it is time to introduce a new concept, with a more appropriate and global name.

Orthognatic Surgery

A cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon is the specialist who performs this type of corrections since he has the surgical expertise and training of dental and masticatory apparatus, which ensures both functional and aesthetic results. Often dentofacial deformities are accompanied by other disharmonies (nose, chin, cheeks, lips, forehead and orbits) so they can also perform facial cosmetic enhancements, which can be done in the same surgery or in different times improving the final results substantially.


Orthognathic surgery causes a lot of changes at the level of the bony structures of the face, so it is recommended prior to undergoing changes in the soft tissues (skin and muscle) to perform a bone facial analysis determining the possible changes which could be just to restore the lost bone volumes affected by age or developmental abnormalities and growth. Dr. MDM and his team usually perform this surgery and in some cases when required, combine Reshaping Facial Features (CRRF – FFA) with Orthognathic Surgery .

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