Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Your face is unique and needs a unique approach. Your facial shape and profile could be modified or feminized with the combination of craniofacial & aesthetic surgical techniques.

Remodelación de los pómulos

Cheek implants increase the projection of the midface and solve the flat or recessed problems. In other cases, when you need to reduce the volume, the projection or the size of the cheeks, we need to do bone shaving, osteotomies or remodeling and reduction.


The two possible incisions are along the lower eyelids or using an intra-oral approach. We develop an anatomical dissection with a proper pocket to introduce the prosthesis. We use Medpor in different shapes, sizes and projections and also a second option are solid silicone prosthesis. Nowadays, there are other synthetic materials to fill the cheek area, and we also use fat tissue transfer with good results but not permanent.

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