Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Your face is unique and needs a unique approach. Your facial shape and profile could be modified or feminized with the combination of craniofacial & aesthetic surgical techniques.

Forehead & Orbital Remodeling

There are two important differences between the anatomy of the skull in a man and in a woman. Forehead shape in a woman is flat, uniform & rounded. The distance between the eyebrow and the hairline is shorter than the one in a man and describes an arch. Forehead in a man has the typical brown bossing with a pronounced brow convexity, because of the major development of the orbital rim and frontal sinuses. Finally the masculine hairline describes the typical “M” shape.


Procedure Description

The remodeling of the forehead & orbital bone is the most important part of the Facial Features Remodeling Surgery (FFRS) or Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). We use the typical craniofacial approach, a bicoronal incision, at the front of the hairline, or across the hair, if you don’t want or do not need to advance your hairline and don´t need to change your “M” shape hairline. Most of the patients need the hairline incision to do the forehead & orbital remodeling, the correction of the “M” hairline and to do the eyebrow lift with the same approach. It is very important to understand that the hairline advance could achieve 1,5 cm and never more than 2 cm, so in several cases you will need to have a posterior hair transplant done to completely resolve the hairline place and shape problem.

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