Chin Remodeling

Anatomical references

There are a lot of anatomical differences between male and female chin, the female shape and size proportion is smaller,more rounded and pointed than the male, who is squarer. MDM designs the best osteotomy and remodeling for each patient. We try to make an aggressive but safe approach at the same time. We take care of your vascular and nerve structures.


When you like to improve the proyection of the profile face harmony, you need to use a chin prosthesis. We use two types, Medpor prosthesis and solid silicone prosthesis. The first is better in quality and results but expensive compared with the second option. Another situation is when you need to remodel the chin for orthognatic, aesthetic remodeling or facial feminization, in all cases, we design the best osteotomy and remodeling to obtein your best result. You could change the projection, the height and reposition the bone in all the ways. Most of the times we do it together with the jaw. We use titanium material to fix the osteotomies and prosthesis. Sometimes it is better if you do the soft tissue work with the chin and jaw, like a neck lift or neck liposuction.

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