Jaw Remodeling

Anatomical references

There are a lot of anatomical differences between the male and female jaw, but the angles and the size of the vertical & horizontal ramus bones are completely different, thinner and rounder if female, strong and square if male. In most of the cases we do the jaw at the same time with the chin, the chin remodeling is performed for ortognatic surgery, for aestethic surgery or for feminization purposes, we perform a jaw reshaving & osteotomies to remodeling to obtain a more triangular shape that will harmonize with the chin size and shape.Another anatomical difference between male and female is the masseter muscles, that tend to be much more developed in men than in women.


MDM makes an incision on the lower oral mucosa and accesses to the jaw bone to perform a reduction & tapering the ridge & the horizontal ramus with shaving and osteotomies using maxillofacial drills. Most of the times it is necessary to perform the ostetomy and shaving of the angles for feminization purpose. The harmony of the total face is complete when remodeling the superior, medium and inferior facial third. MDM combined jaw with chin surgery to obtain a perfect balance of these facial areas. MDM was the leader in developing the classical two- step surgeries, separate each other from one week to 10 days, all in one trip, to perform the bone remodeling with the soft tissue work, like for example jaw & chin remodeling with face & neck lifting. You can see it in our result with this kind of medical package.

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