Orthognatic Surgery

The cranio- maxillo -facial surgeon is the specialist who performs this type of corrections , since he has the surgical expertise and training of dental and masticatory apparatus , which ensures both functional and aesthetic result . Often dentofacial deformities are accompanied by other disharmonies (nose , chin, cheeks , lips , forehead and orbits) so they can also perform facial cosmetic enhancements , which can be performed in the same surgery or in different times improving the final results substantially . Orthognathic surgery causes a lot of changes at the level of the bony structures of the face, so it is recommended prior to undergoing changes in the soft tissues (skin and muscle) to perform a bone facial analysis , determining the possible changes , just restore the lost bone volumes affected by age or developmental abnormalities and growth can be achieved . Importantly, Dr. MDM and his team usually perform this surgery usually and in some cases when required, and combine Reshaping Facial Features (CRRF - FFA) with Orthognathic Surgery .

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