Upper Lip Lift

Anatomical references

When decide to modify the upper lip there are some tips to know to do a proper surgery. You could do an upper lip lift for aesthetic aging reasons, for anatomical and congenital diseases or because you are looking for a facial feminization or a facial features remodeling. Our goal is to obtain a shorter, younger, youthful appearance of your lip, with a minimum and imperceptible scar. Our objective is to give you the chance to have a new smile and show your upper teeth, with a better projection of your vermillion, sign of beauty and feminity. It is a really simple and useful facial surgery if you are looking for a facial feminization change. MDM is a leader in the use of dermofat implants and other synthetic products at the same time to improve the projection & shape of your lip


We use local anesthesia +sedation and ambulatory when it is a unique surgery. General anesthesia when is performed with another surgery. MDM designed different techniques & incisions to perform your lip with a minimum and imperceptible scar localized between the lip and the nose. We involve the removal of either an ellpse or a curved-edge ellipse of tissue from under the nose. The skin & muscle then are raised and sutured to lift the lip and expose more of the upper-lip vermilon. The stitches will be removed in 10 to 14 days. The total recovery will be in 2 weeks. The final result takes 6 months.

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