Cheeks Remodeling

Anatomical references

Cheek implants increase the projection of the midface and resolve the flat or recessed problems. Other times, you need to reduce the volume, the projection or the size of the cheeks, and you need to do a bone shaving, or osteotomies, or remodeling and reduction using electrical drills and saw.


We use general anesthesia with an 8 hs in hospital when done as an isolated procedure. Different & more time need, when is one of the complement procedures of the facelift or facial features remodeling or facial feminization surgery. We described 2 possible incisions, along the lower eyelids or using and intra-oral approach. We develop an anatomical dissection with a proper pocket to introduce the prosthesis. We use Medpor in different shapes sizes and projections and also a second option, solid silicone prosthesis. Nowadays, there are other synthetic materials to fill the cheek area, and we use fat tissue transfer with good results but not permanent. Regarding your recovery, your swelling will remain for 2 weeks and you will see your final results in 6 months. See our pictures & results below

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